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Voices for Burma (VFB) is an independent, international NGO that believes that responsible, small scale tourism has a place in Burma.   VFB was founded in the United Kingdom in 2003 by a group of socially-conscious students deeply concerned about the infringement of human rights in Burma and determined to improve the welfare of the Burmese people.  Four years later, our team is international, spanning most continents.  Our backgrounds are  varied across many professions and constituencies.

Voices for Burma is a pluralistic organisation which acknowledges that the problems facing Burma have no one easy answer, and which seeks to widen and develop the debate surrounding these essayonlinewriter.com issues. We are a diverse group of people, united by our belief in the sanctity of human rights for everyone, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, age or any other arbitrary criteria, and our anger at the continuing abuses perpetrated by the SPDC (State Peace and Development Council) against the people of Burma.

We share many of the same aims as other Burma campaign groups, but differ in one important respect. While the majority of these groups support a total ban on tourism to Burma, we feel that there is a place for responsible tourism to the country by individual travellers, in terms of aiding the economic welfare of local communities and raising awareness of the situation in Burma. For more information on our position and the reasons behind it, please visit the tourism section of this site.

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