Tourism Quotes

“. . . your excuses will no longer be accepted. I count on you as ambassadors for sustainable tourism and as responsible individual tourists to give tourism and the destinations the future they deserve.”
– Nico Visser (promoter of the concept “destination for generations”)

Tourism is like an iceberg. It is easy to describe the part that stands out from the water  but very hard to be precise about exactly what lies beneath.”

–  Simonsen, Jørgensen and Robbins

“Tourism is like seasoning on food. Some can make an improvement, a little more can make it perfect. A lot ruins it and makes a good thing disgusting.”

– Anon

“Tourism is like a bridge. It connects our countries and it can connect people to each other.”

– Karen Chen

“Tourism is like a huge monstrous beast that’s arisen from somewhere and is charging ahead very powerfully, without anyone having accurately described what it looks like or where it’s going.”

– Ralf Buckley

“Tourism is like a tiger with two tails. On the one hand it offers massive employment and boosts the economy. On the other hand, if not controlled, it can steal away from the inhabitants of a country most of what makes their country worth living in and worth visiting.”

– Sir Lawrence Van der Post

“Each traveller can take on the role of ambassador for international peace, by sharing his or her own culture and traditions and by learning those of the host country.”

– John Graf, International Institute for peace through Tourism

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